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Our Thoughts Tomorrow On WBJ: For Now Read This Comment

 I have read most of the Worcester Business Journal articles on the ball park and the development and simply put I have not viewed their reporting as rooting for the ball park to fail but performing what I believe to be an inherent purpose of the media, questioning our government and their actions. 

This function that Worcester Business Journal serves, the continued questioning of our government is ,and will continue to be, more important than if the project will loose money and the public should be more concerned with their ability to do so. Our founding fathers recognized the freedom of the press that they incorporated it into the first amendment. 

With that being said, we have reached an impasse with regards to the issue at hand, will the project pay for itself. The Worcester Business Journal is not unjustified posing questions as to how the project will pay for itself with the substantial cost overruns and the delays and downsizing of some of the buildings. 

Conversely, the City contends that with the new development that has been announced, the Cove and Table Talk, the project will not only pay for itself but return millions to taxpayers. The problem is we taxpayers have two conflicting opinions and since the City has not put forth financials in a few years one might assume that the project is under water. 

The only way to close this issue would be for the City to put forth a current set of financials and let not only us taxpayers but others, like the Worcester Business Journal decide.




Anonymous said…
My news feed had an article about Polar Park's upgrades for 2022 on Masslive. After reading the article I scrolled through the rest of the articles and saw that Masslive had a couple of articles "for subscribers only" reporting salaries and overtime of state employees. Does this make Masslive anti state government? Reporting facts, whether it be state employee salaries or the status of proposed development, is just that, reporting facts. If the news media reports the facts incorrectly they should be called out for it. If the facts,as they currently exist ,are contrary to prior estimates, statements etc. don't call the media source negative for just reporting the facts and questioning the effects. That is their job.