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Now For A Comment From Someone With Common Sense

 This is a blog, not the New York Times. It posts observation about the airport or the ballpark and people have the option to comment or not to comment. 

The problem with comments, whether it be on this blog or on the local media, is the lack of civility and respect towards and for other commenters. I may not agree with your comments but I will not personalize my response and I wish more acted in this manner but unfortunately this is the direction society is heading. 

To the owner of the blog, please keep posting on these topics as well as others because if nothing else your topics are not out there anywhere else.




Jeremy said…
Agreed. Someone needs to facilitate the discussion to support our airport. I don’t see any other volunteers.
Bill Randell said…
Boys you need to take the good with bad.

All is good.

Bottom line this blog got an answer about American today...

Keep it real

Good night
Common Sense said…
Back in the 80's I was an airport advocate
I attended all of the Airport Commission meetings. I attended all the city council and subcommittee meetings concerning the airport. I even spoke at the city council meeting in 1988 when Massport wanted to buy ORH. I wrote letters and made calls to the city councilors advocating for an access road. There are just so many times a person can get knocked down before he gets punch-drunk. I just fear for your personal safety when this whole thing blows up.
Common Sense said…
I often think of where ORH would be today if the City didn't run Massport out of town in 1988. The same question could be asked about the access road the City turned down in 1999. I would argue that if both happened ORH would be where TF Green and Manchester are today. Two death blows I don't think the airport will ever recover from.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree that civility is a complete must.

Once someone posts that another commenter is delusional, a moron, etc. everyone simply sees that as an admission that you concede the argument. The other comment or won.