Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Main Residential Building Next To Polar Park Delayed Another Year





Next logical question, If we are looking at mid 2023 for this project?? 

Next logical question...

When do we think these projects will be online?

  1. Cove
  2. Table Talk 

An updated proforma would answer alot of these questions.    

Oh, by the way it gets worse.    The second planned residential project by Madison will not start until the first residential building is opens, "so the developer can gain market intel". 

One question..  Since there is one of the 5 projects that will be done in the foreseeable future, should Madison still get the parking garage????    




Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, the city can’t delay the payments due on the ballpark bonds until 2023.
How does the shortfall get covered?
Oh, silly me: another tax increase on taxpayers that don’t get TIFs and tax free deals.

It’s like Joe Biden lied about BBB, that and the ballpark will pay for themselves, with your dollars.
Anonymous said…
The announced delay of the first residential building should not come as a surprise considering it is January 2022 and it does not look like the foundation is even completed. The fact that both residential units are not being built in hyper drive considering the current housing market has me scratching my head. I have two questions, what happens if and when interest rates increase, does this effect the projects and what happens to the tax reduction agreements if the developer does not finish the projects when they said they would?
Anonymous said…
If you can't rely on a hot housing market to spur this construction, what do you think the schedule is for an office building, a hotel and a lab building considering office vacancy rates, a competing hotel already stalled and a competing biotech building being built at the biotech park. When does the getting the intel on these get announced.
Anonymous said…
Pull their tifs and special deals