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Little Help On Tickets

 Ok, we tell everyone you can Fly JetBlue to JFK then connect.   We do this for Worcester to Orlando and we see flight options.    

But try Daytona or Jacksonville?   

  • Do you see options????   
  • There are flights from JFK to these destinations.   
  • Are we missing something??


Anonymous said…
I can book on Delta and AA but not JetBlue...

Hoping for JetBlue and AA to codeshare all 4 flights out of ORH to FLL and JFK.
It would basically be FOUR direct flights with each airline and connections should be better.
Bill Randell said…
The flights are there and the connections can be made with JetBlue but you can not buy the tickets???
Anonymous said…
At West Palm Beach leaving for a connection at LaGuardia to go back to Worcester with delta and right across my gate there’s a 6am flight going from here to Atlanta and is fully booked using an A321. If only Worcester could get a flight like that with a similar schedule JetBlue to JFK has. The potential there is huge if only marketing the airport was better and people would know about it. Delta would be great too for an am flight to Atlanta because people can connect from anywhere whether it’s for business travelers or leisure travelers wanting to connect.
Anonymous said…
You could definitely book a flight from ORH to Jacksonville. There are two options out of ORH connecting at JFK.
Bill Randell said…
I know you can book the flight but when you do a search on line with jetBlue it does not show up as an option??