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JetBlue Worcester To Fort Myers $220 Round Trip

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Anonymous said…
There are so many flight options that we have from ORH right now between the three airlines.
Problem is that it is not being marketed correctly. I don't see any billboards, commercials, radio announcements, and social media adds are very limited and often refereeing to Mask policy. Its like a hidden gem that only a few know. Its just amazing how bad marketing has been.

Whoever is in charge of ORH marketing, is doing a horrible job on letting the population know.
If we want this airport to succeed, we needs to be advertised. Flew many times out of ORH, and quite frankly, it is awesome. Not sure why anyone living around the area would go to Logan to fly out.
Anonymous said…
One of my friends from Worcester is flying to FLL from Boston today.
Had no idea about Worcester Airport.
Common Sense said…
Years ago when the City owned the airport it was doing TV and radio ads to market the airport. They were very effective. It helped get the airport to the 400,000 passenger level in 1990. Massport, the City, the airlines, the Chamber of Commerce and the larger corporations in our area should all be kicking in some money to market these flights. For whatever reason they haven't been willing to do it.
Common Sense said…
If all these ambulance chasers (personal injury attorneys) have the money to flood the airways with ads all day long then I can't see why Massport or the airlines can't do it.