Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Final Cost Of Polar Park

 Do we really know???

Maybe one of the new councilors will ask?

This graph below from WBJ

Started at 110.8 million.

Lasted reported to cost 159.5 million

We think actually cost will be in the 175 million range




Anonymous said…
I doubt any City Councilor, old or new , will ask at this time. Until the time comes that the payments for the bonds either takes away money from a service or a program they hold dear or forces the City to raise taxes no one will raise the subject. This project is like Halloween, you get and eat a lot of candy and it's not until you go to the dentist and get your cavities drilled and spend a lot of money that you complain about it and by then it is too late.They probably know they will not be a City Councilor when this time comes in the next couple of years. Or they don't think that far ahead which is a totally different problem.