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Field of Schemes: Worcester housing plan scaled back, city confident it can still pay off $150m stadium with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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 This is the template for what subsidy expert Greg LeRoy once referred to as TIFs “eating the lunch of the general fund,” as the district where taxes are siphoned off to pay for development gets larger and larger, leaving less to pay for normal city operations.




David Z. said…
CM Augustus had a lot to say about the WBJ article on his weekly call-in to the Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz on Tuesday morning. He said all payments for the ballpark have been made on time and that the “Worcester Business Journal has been rooting for failure since this thing started”.

Augustus calls in every Tuesday morning to Hank’s show after the 7:30 news. You can listen on AM830 WCRN, stream it via the 016, This Week in Worcester, or the Radio Worcester website.

Here’s the link to this week’s segment.

In Ed I still Trust!
Anonymous said…
Trust but verify.