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Delta: Worcester to Fort Myers $286 Round Trip

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Anonymous said…
Worcester to London - $600 round trip with AA
Anonymous said…
Worcester to Lima - $555 round trip with JetBlue
Anonymous said…
Just saw Paris, Tel Aviv, Madrid, London, etc... available from the JetBlue website out of ORH.
If you use Google flights and type Worcester (ORH) as the starting point, there are a lot of destinations available between the three airlines, and even a mix of flights using one or more of the airlines from Worcester. Why isn't this being announced in Central Mass and beyond?
Anonymous said…
Had no idea JetBlue offered those flights because they never show up on Google Flights, which is what I always use.

For example, Jetblue Worcester to Paris is not available on Google Flights, but now I realize it's available on

Can this be fixed? Is there an issue?

Thanks for letting us know!
Common Sense said…
Flight from Logan is $75 cheaper, but when you add in gas, tolls and parking the ORH option is a bargain. Please someone at the airlines do some marketing for these flights!!!