Fiscal 2023 DIF Account


 Sounds like someone from WBJ has been on the blog:


I wish the City would just provide a new set of financials and put all the speculation to rest. I don’t fault the Worcester Business Journal for reporting on project and highlighting the delays and reductions to developments. 

If nothing else they have been consistently apprehensive about the project from its inception. I believe they were the ones who originally polled economists who resoundingly stated that these deals never work as planned. 

Quite simply if the City just presents a set of financials from the information currently at hand all the debate and conjecture might come to an end. I hope someone in the City reads this blog and heeds this suggestion.




Editors note:   

  1. We have been asking for a new set of financials (proforma) for how long???  
  2. Why not current income and expense statement YTD Fiscal 22 for the Polar Park DIF district?? 


one more comment

City officials know that the ballpark is a financial albatross but won’t ever admit it. I hope this isn’t true, but I fear that Ttey will be long gone in new jobs (hopefully not with the people who got TIFs and sweetheart deals) when the other shoe drops, still collecting public pensions and enjoying free health insurance that Woo taxpayers fund. 

I hope it’s not true, But this I would not be a deviation from how many politicians around the country act.