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To land PawSox deal, Worcester found a leading critic of publicly-funded ballparks, then hired him

 Interesting read from January of 2019


Anonymous said…
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
The Good - the peanut seems to be extremely successful, although it gets backed up at times.
The Bad - Zimbalist's financial model that he crafted seems to have missed the mark
The Ugly- Madison's work completed to date and the mounds of dirt on the site.

Merry Christmas and hopes for a Happy New Year !
Anonymous said…
After the article you link to there is a better article from Deadspin you may wish to post.
Anonymous said…
Zimbalist's negotiating skills leave a lot to be desired. A while back you posted the WooSox lease. From my reading of the lease the WooSox took the City to school. It does not take much negotiating to give away the store.
Anonymous said…
One thing working in the City's favor is the housing boon that is occurring every where but how much housing would be needed to support the costs with the lower tax rate. The City needs to be careful that the boon does not become a bubble that bursts like it did before.
Anonymous said…
Where can I find Zimbalist's financial model?