Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Section 2B: Certain types of interest or ownership taxable; liens; public purposes



 Section 2B. Except as otherwise provided in section three E, real estate owned in fee or otherwise or held in trust for the benefit of the United States, the commonwealth, or a county, city or town, or any instrumentality thereof, if used in connection with a business conducted for profit or leased or occupied for other than public purposes, shall for the privilege of such use, lease or occupancy, be valued, classified, assessed and taxed annually as of January first to the user, lessee or occupant in the same manner and to the same extent as if such user, lessee or occupant were the owner thereof in fee,







Anonymous said…
Does this mean the WooSox pay taxes?
Anonymous said…
I read the law, the link, a couple of times and I think it says the WooSox should be taxes. I got lost in the subsequent paragraphs about liens and takings. This is why lawyers have job security, they are the only ones that can issue an opinion of what they write.