Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Rusty Comment



 JFK JetBlue flights have been doing better than anticipated. Averaging a 60% load factor on both flights once averaged out. Considering travel is still down overall across the US this is better than was planned. 


FLL is averaging 85-90+% load factor. 


Recently some JFK flights have been over 80% load factor. Most likely due to holiday travel but this shows people are taking advantage of the available connections. This is promising. 


For example today’s mid day JFK turn had 82 arriving pax & 90 departing. On a plane that seats 100. The Night/AM JFK flight was about 60% full. The FLL flight is arriving with 95 pax & departing in the AM with 97. I.E. the FLL flights full. Delta flights to LGA have been fairing. Ok from what I have heard. Don’t have specifics on their load factors. Will update when I know more