Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Revenue Sources Fiscal 2022



Total is $3,712,856


In reality think we will be lucky to get $500,000????    



Anonymous said…
Your estimate may be a little low. The only revenue producing construction remotely close to producing some form of revenue appears to be the garage which appears to be being leased, Parking- Garage Lease Payment - $250,000.00. The $250,000.00 is for an entire year so I would assume that the lease does not start until the garage is open so the total $250,000.00 may not be paid. The only other revenue source that will come in would be Parking - Various Lots/Garages - $595,650. The confusing part about this revenue is the $6.75 price in the revenue calculation because I believe I read the rate paid at City lots/garage prices are higher. All other revenues are estimated based on the construction being fully completed for taxes this year which we know has not occurred so there is no revenues coming from there. I spent some time trying to understand the proforma since you posted it a few days ago and I really think I understand it so if the City needs some help updating it I am sure I can do it for them but I would tell them the math does not produce a surplus.