Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Massport Financials 2020

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2020     18,500,00 profit

2019   92,300,000 profit

* they can addord to lose millions at ORH while trying to make this into a reliever airport for Boston





Gary Samela said…
Let's say you had a company that owned 50 retail stores. If two of the stores were bleeding money you would keep them open because the other 48 were turning a profit?
Please. You're smarter than that! CVS is planning to close 1,000 underperforming stores in the next two years. Years ago they dumped Chess King and Tom Mcann shoes for the same reason.

I just don't see ORH getting to the point that it's a viable reliever to Logan.I see it as a niche airport. Manchester, Green, and Bradley fill that roll. The airport that serves Denver is 32 miles from the City.
Anonymous said…
If government was run like a business I could see your point but it isn't. They just continue to raise taxes. At least someone in the City was smart enough to say we should not be in the airport business. Unfortunately that person was not smart enough to say we should not be in the ballpark business.
Gary Samela said…
It makes me think of the debate when the City decided to build the Centrum (now the DCU Center). There was a group of people led by Jordan Levy that were strongly opposed to the project. They said the City shouldn't be in the business of owning a concert arena. Others said it would take the City out of the doldrums. After Frank Sinatra did opening night it was wildly successful for many years. All the major bands did hundreds of sold out shows. One of the reasons was the acts preferred playing at the new Centrum rather than the old dumpy Boston Garden. When the music industry changed (bands stopped touring as much) things weren't doing so well. The addition of the convention center in 1995 was supposed to be a shot in the arm, but so far it's been a disappointment. I don't know if the City still owns the place.

Happy New Year everyone.