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Gary Samela said…
Some of the people that regularly post on this blog could find something positive about a nuclear war. A very good chance that our airport will be without commercial service in two years. Just a cycle of failure that's been going on for the last
50 years at our airport. You're betting on a losing horse.
David Z. said…
Gary you’re just as pessimistic on ORH as Bill is about Polar Park being an albatross on the city taxpayers. 😅
Bill Randell said…
Dave Z

Read WBJ column on Polar Park. It is an albatross on the city taxpayers.

Gary Samela said…
The difference is I have 50 years of evidence to back me up while Bill has 8 months. If the interest on the bonds ends up coming from the General Budget it's going to mean less firefighter's, less cops, less teachers and less DPW workers to keep the City clean. We have some schools that are like 75 years old. What a disgrace that our kids have to be educated in such dumpey buildings.
David Z. said…

I did read the article.

The WBJ and you have had an axe to grind with Polar Park since the beginning. I take both with a grain of salt.

In Ed we still Trust!!!
Gary Samela said…
Since when does telling the truth mean someone has an ax to grind? We were told that the Madison development across the street from the park would generate enough tax revenue to cover the interest on the bonds. Now they're throwing proposed projects into the mix. What happens when one of these proposed projects doesn't get built?. Maybe if the city manager was honest up front people would be more accepting of any of these setbacks.