Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

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  • Fiscal 2021  rent 32,171 
  • Fiscal  2022  rent   177,635
  • 145,464 increase in rent

Last year the ballpark taxing district raised $391,000.    We can add $145,464 so we can hope in fiscal 2022, we will be at least  $536,464.            Where else do we see additional revenues coming in the ballpark taxing district in Fiscal 2022????

Guess the parking garage will be on-line and hopefully generate a profit.    Keep in mind we need $2,000,000 generated in the ballpark district for Fiscal 2022 to meet the bond payments.   




Considering we spent over $160,000,000, which we really don't may be more??, since we never got the final tally.   

  •   What is that for a return on our investment?    
  •    .34% return if we return $536,464 on $165,000,000


Let us not forget that the $160,000,000 we spent on this building pays nothing in property taxes???


Anonymous said…
Why is their rent only $32,000 when they had attendance over 300,000 for the season ?