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JetBlue Top Routes In December 2021


  1. Boston (BOS) To Washington D.C. (DCA) with 361 roundtrip flights
  2. New York (JFK) to Orlando (MCO) with 249 roundtrip flights
  3. New York (JFK) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) with 241 roundtrip flights
  4. New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX) with 230 roundtrip flights
  5. Boston (BOS) to New York (LGA) with 228 roundtrip flights
  6. Boston (BOS) to New York (JFK) with 227 roundtrip flights
  7. New York (JFK) to Santiago (STI) with 205 roundtrip flights
  8. New York (JFK) to Santo Domingo (SDQ) with 190 roundtrip flights
  9. New York (JFK) to San Juan (SJU) with 174 roundtrip flights
  10. Boston (BOS) to Orlando (MCO) with 170 roundtrip flights
  11. Boston (BOS) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) with 156 roundtrip flights
  12. Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to New York (LGA) with 155 roundtrip flights
  13. New York (JFK) to Miami (MIA) with 152 roundtrip flights
  14. Orlando (MCO) to San Juan (SJU) with 141 roundtrip flights
  15. New York (JFK) to West Palm Beach (PBI) with 141 roundtrip flights


Makes you think Orlando-DC would be nest destinations out of ORH




Anonymous said…
Jetblue JFK flights are almost full on weekends...

Why doesn't American switch to weekend flights only, instead of leaving ORH?
Anonymous said…
Is American leaving ORH? I thought AA had just switched flights from PHL to JFK.
Jeremy said…
They need to code share with JB now to make it. Them leaving will kill any momentum we have. JB’s number are steadily improving.
Jeremy said…
Also, Delta is fairing ok. They aren’t going anywhere as long as JB is still in town. Would love to see them add an AM flight. They are the most reliable service in Worcester.
Anonymous said…
Worcester needs United to IAD or ORD!
Anonymous said…
Worcester needs American to fly to Charlotte instead of JFK so they can Go to their main hub. The Delta flight has been good it seems like but if they want to change, they should either steal Orlando from JetBlue or fly to Atlanta instead. Worcester needs that Orlando flight back and better promoting on flights to destinations, ease of the airport, and free parking now expanded until June 2022.
Rusty said…
For anyone who’s following along, as it stands currently the JB JFK route is seeing approx 1.5x - 2x the throughput (passenger volume) it saw pre Covid. Granted it has double the flights but this all but cements the fact that all the route needed was more flights. Combined with Delta to LGA & American to LGA (starting January 2022) there are now numerous options at all times of the day to connect through NYC. This only further helps JB’s JFK routes as it gives pax more booking options (1 carrier down, a diff carrier back, codeshare, etc) And by all accounts we are still in a pandemic where pax counts are still down overall across the US. Pre-Covid the JFK route sustained a 30%-40% load factor. Currently the route is seeing a 60% + load factor. Thanksgiving timeframe JB JFK flights saw a near 85% load factor. Xmas JB JFK flights are currently forecasted to be 90+% load factor. Speaking with those in the know, JB upper management/ flight coordinating is currently pleased with ORH’s performance.

Oh & the FLL flight has been near sold out every day lately…