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Jeremy Comment

 Agree on Atlanta if making connections. 

Nothing beats Atlanta but who are we targeting right now? Business to New York with some connections and tourists to Florida. 

LGA combined with JFK gets the business travelers which is where the money is. 

When an airline has 1 flight per day (exception Florida) it shows they are testing the water. Multiple flights show demand. We need to show demand to attract other airlines. 




Jeremy said…
Delta at 65 percent today. Not bad for a Wednesday flight in their second month of operation. Flight goes to
7 days a week on May 7th. If they add a second flight I would suspect they aim for September/October. Could see a 6-7 am departure with a late night arrival and RON. Just like JB it would offer passengers much more options.
Bill Randell said…
how many days per week do they fly now to LaGuardia? I actually thought they were already daily???
Jeremy said…
No Saturday flights. Also, they haven’t been flying holidays