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Breeze Adds 2 Cities


Breeze Airways, a new budget airline from the founder of JetBlue, is getting ready to launch flights to New York and South Florida as low as $39 one way. 

The carrier is set to add service to Islip, New York's Long Island MacArthur Airport and Florida's Palm Beach International Airport in mid-February. These will be the first market additions since they started last May.

Truly believe Worcester has to be on their map.



Gary Samela said…
We're in the middle of a pandemic that has devastated the travel industry. A logical decision by the CEO of this airline would be to get his company involved with an airport that has a dismal record of failure? He'll probably get stoned to death
by his board of directors.

Rusty said…
Gary your clearly Anti-ORH no matter the cost. This much is obviously. Whilst I can’t speak to the present, I can say with certainty that breeze was planning on coming to ORH prior to the pandemic. The pandemic shifted their plans around. If the Pandemic hadn’t happened, breeze would be at ORH. We had been notified of the ‘letter of intent’ for the airline in January of ‘20. Then just as happened to southwest, they backed out once the pandemic took hold. (Lots if people don’t realize how close ORH was to having Southwest. Southwest was planning to start service w/ 5 flight a day. But that’s a different topic. Nonetheless I don’t think the ‘history of the airport’ is something their overly worried about considering they where planning on coming prior to the pandemic. Now it’s just a matter of how long they take to rebound.
Gary Samela said…
So maybe in 5 years when we've licked the 100th strain of the virus SW will come in with a few daily flights a day? Then they'll pull out in 8 months because they're getting 20% load numbers. Not something I can get excited about.

I remember being at an economic breakfast years ago when the CEO of Southwest said her airline wasn't interested in coming to ORH unless the I-290 access road was built. Maybe it's not a deal breaker now? There's just to much uncertainty right now
to make any accurate predictions. SW or Breeze might not even be around in 5 years unless the government keeps printing money to keep them afloat. I guess as long as I keep hearing the Jets flying over my house it's a good thing.

Hey, what's going on with AA? Mr Nameless said they might be pulling out. It was not that long ago that our city and state leaders held a press conference to welcome them back. Something like that would cause SW or Breeze to think twice.

Gary Samela said…
I thought it would interesting to list the airlines I remember offering service out of ORH at one point.

U.S Air
New York Air
Eastern Airlines
United Express
American Eagle
Pan Am.
Delta ASA
Carnival Air
Direct Air
American (2nd time here)
Delta (2nd time here)
Retrix Cape Cod shuttle

I'm sure I missed some.

There are obvious reasons why some of these airlines aren't here anymore, but my point is that ORH hasn't really had trouble attracting airlines in the past.
It's had trouble retaining them.

When an airline pulls out we need to do a extensive study on the reasons things didn't work out rather just bring another one in to meet the same fate. Clark U. has a very good Urban Transportation minor program. I'm sure we could get them to do the study free of charge. When I was there I studied it, but they can't afford me.