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Worcester Airport Is Cranking

 Sorry been busy

Now for what I have been hearing...  All good!!!

  1. As expected Fort Lauderdale hits the ground running with loads over 80%
  2. Two flights to JFK with JetBlue getting better every week.
  3. Delta to LaGuardia also good loads getting better every week
  4. American to Philadelphia with not the best times is getting better every week.


Drove up there today and the lots are packed!!!   Plates from all the surrounding states.   Literally can say this is the busiest we have ever seen the airport in year and these three airlines just returned.. 

You can expect more flights!!









Anonymous said…
Imagine what it could be if we get back to "normal". Worcester could be profitable for MassPort.
Common Sense said…
Just got back from the Bahamas. The hassle of processing at Logan was a nightmare. I am disabled so it was very difficult to walk from Gate B2 to gate B19. I'm going to try Worcester Airport even if it's a little bit inconveinent. High load factors will encourage other airlines to give Worcester a try.
Anonymous said…
If there was a more convenient route to Worcester Regional Airport from the highway network it would really take off. Logan, TF Greene and Bradley all have direct access off highways and you don't need to traverse City streets to get to the airport. To me this is the last hurdle to attracting more passengers now that they should have more reliability with the upgraded instrument landing systems.
Anonymous said…
Airport access road?

Maybe needed in 1998, but now I have Waze. It directs me to the best route, around traffic tie ups.
Unknown said…
Are you kidding me you can get to the airport anywhere in the city in less than fifteen minutes.
Gary Samela said…
The State was willing to pay for the total costs of an airport access road from I-290. Some of the residents in that area went crazy and the spinless Mayor and City Councilors put the Kabosh to that. It will NEVER be built because the cost today today wound be around $300 million. I can drive from my home in Shreswbury to the terminal at ORH in about 19 minutes. Also, with today's GPS in cars there is little need for an access road At one point the airport was doing 350,0000 passengers per year without an access road.
Anonymous said…
Noticed that American Airlines has changed its flight schedule from ORH. It looks like starting in 2022, Philadelphia will no longer be on the schedule, instead New York (JFK) has been added.
So now ORH has four flights to NYC with a magnitude of connection options. Also, noticed the upgrade to a bigger airplane, flying to NYC on the E175 jet, and no longer the E145 jet.
This is great for ORH either way you look at it, and totally agree that access road is no longer required.
One thing that I believe should be done, is the addition of better signage to the airport and some marketing of these flights.