Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

First Year Payment On the Polar Park Bonds: Cost The Taxpayers $1,709,000


Remember when this would cost the taxpayers nothing:


First Year Bond Payment:                                        $2,100,000

First Year Income from ballpark district:                 $391,000


Cost to taxpayers:                                                      $1,709,000                                                                                       



***   footnote capitalized interest is an expense to the taxpayers   





Anonymous said…
Why is this fact reported only here?

Why did no single city council candidate raise the issue?

I’m not sure where all the money for the causes celebrated bu the far left candidates that won seats on the council is going to come from with this giant financial albatross of an anchor tied around their necks.

Of wait, yes I do know….cue the giant tax increase and highest possible commercial tax rate. That will be followed by the exodus of businesses across city lines and plain closure of others. Then follows more poor people because there are less jobs.

You can’t pay drivers to plow streets with woke rhetoric. Good luck with getting people who are celebrating to do municipal work for free.
Anonymous said…
I just read the T&G about the Doherty High groundbreaking and a $300 million price tag. I am pro education and am for building or rehabbing our schools for the next generation but I have serious concerns about the City prioritizing a baseball stadium over Burncoat High School. I don't begrudge the students or the parents at Doherty but my youngest is a recent Burncoat grad and I wish he had the same amenities as the Vocational, North High, South High and now Doherty High School students have or will enjoy. I think Burncoat should have been demolished years ago. How much debt can the City issue and will Burncoat need to wait because the City maxed out its credit card with the ball park. I hope not but I have grave concerns they may have.
Anonymous said…
But transparency. Watch as the focus becomes something else so the gp forgets about the elephant in the room. Hopefully some of these newly elected officials bring attention to the great fleecing going on. But im putting the over/under line on their getting in tow at 5 months.
Anonymous said…
Not to sound like a broken record BUT how about you pave my street which has been on the list for years. Oh, there is no press conference or ground breaking so we are sorry you will need to wait.
Anonymous said…
Not that I think my street posts will make a difference but I drove over Lamartine St this weekend and the City looks like they are doing it over and making it wider. How much is this costing and how long was it on a waiting list. I guess a lot of money and it has never been on a waiting list. I have been waiting for years for my street, as well as a lot of the main streets in my neighborhood, but the Woo Sox come to town and all the streets around there are freshly paved. To add insult to injury I pay taxes and it has been reported they do not. How is that right and who will do something about it. My last Councilor did nothing, hopefully my new one will.
Anonymous said…
My last comment for today because thinking about all this has got my blood pressure up. I hope everyone who reads this blog remembers all the posts next month when they receive their tax bills. I for one would like to receive my tax bill before the election so I know how I should vote.
Anonymous said…
The council will studiously ignore this issue, guaranteed.

Expect the new councilors to propose a city income tax to be added on top of all the other taxes and fees, because, equity, or something.Anything but math and someone other than you paying for their wish list.