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Comment From Rusty October 18th Talked About American Switching To JFK

Gary Samela,…most of the stuff posted here is not just the author pulling it out of his ass but is based on fact. Yes…Southwest did in fact visit ORH in person. The execs came to visit to scope the place out as the airline was very seriously considering ORH as their next expansion. This was pre-pandemic. Service was planned to start in the summer ‘20 span of time but once early spring of 2020 hit, they quickly pulled out of the deal as it had yet to be made public and therefore no harm would be done. As for JetBlue’s 2x daily flights. Yes…everyone predicts them to do quite well once the 2nd daily flight comes online in a week. I personally have access to the daily flight information with pax count. The single flight is currently doing quite well. They are averaging a 50% load factor over the last month which considering we are still in a semi-pandemic with people still afraid to fly is quite well. As for Breeze, once again, I can say firsthand fhe airline was originally considering ORH as one of their launch destinations. This was back when they where still getting there feet underneath them & had yet to be named Breeze. At the time it was ‘Moxy’ who we knew was in talks with the airport.

 As for American they already have changes planned to there service. They are starting off with the PHL flight for Nov/Dec using a ERJ145XR. Then come January, a switch is planned from Piedmont to Republic as the service provider. This will see an aircraft switch from a ERJ145XR to an ERJ175LR. Slight upgrade operations wise, but huge upgrade for pax comfort. A change in destination is also being looked at as they are currently looking into switching from PHL to JFK at the same time, tho this has yet to be 100% finalized. 


This switch would see JB give up one of their JFK flights to American as they have a codeshare agreement. This would allow JB to use their 3rd flight to add MCO back to the schedule. As of current JB is reluctant to add MCO as an 4th flight instead of replacing one of the original 3. This is because once they hit 4 per day they must switch from using contracted (Ross Aviation in this case) ticket agents to JB personal. Unsure if this is a contractual obligation or what, that knowledgeable is above me. B it what is stated above I know firsthand. So no, the Author is not ‘pulling things out of his ass.








Anonymous said…
JetBlue seems to have also removed its afternoon JFK flight from their schedule, starting Fall 2022. This looks to match exactly what you just said. Non-Stop flight to Orlando will most likely be added sometime in 2022.
Still believe that JetBlue, American or Delta should capitalize a little more on Non-Stop flights to Florida out of ORH. Its great to have all the connections out of NY, but more Non-Stop options to Florida would compliment ORH greatly.
Gary Samela said…
What exactly does "considering" mean? I'm “considering” buying a Ferrari, but it's never going to happen because I don't have the means to buy one. You're either some covert agent for Massport or you have way too much time on your hands. Let's all get together for a few beers in two years. Maybe not at the Beer Garden (because they're 6 months behind on their rent). Not really any need for a pathetic, small airport when you have 4 large airports that you can get to in one hour. These airlines are sending us their worst planes. They leak oil and hydraulic fluid. The kids from Worcester Voke. are building the taxiway projects. I worry about your mental stability because when this all crashes you're going to be involuntarily committed to Worcester State Hospital. Then we'll see how useful your contacts are.
Rusty said…
Gary….its called working at the Airport. When you work there you tend to know the Ins & Outs about whats going on there. Especially when it directly relates to your job ;)