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JetBlue Fort Lauderdale Flight

Plan for the blog now is to start focusing on ORH and all the good developments happening up there, but now we have some news that is not good.  



  1. Excited about JetBlue 2 flights to JFK starting in October as well as Fort Lauderdale flight.
  2. Delta to LaGuardia has alot of potential
  3. Not too excited about American's times to Philadelphia


Now for the bad news.  We are starting to hear that JetBlue Fort Lauderdale flight may be in trouble.    This makes no sense since this has been a strong flight for over 5 years with loads consistently over 80%.


We will look into this more but feel this has to be wrong????   

  This can not happen!!!   


Gary Samela said…
I guess the FAA (taxpayers) are going to kick in $2 million for a taxi-way renovation at ORH. I guess if the money's out there it makes sense to grab it, but you got to wonder if this is just throwing good money after bad.

Read in the BG a couple days ago that Delta is planning a major expansion of service at Logan. They're looking to add 50 daily daily flights in the next 2-3 years. It would be nice if ORH could get a couple of those flights, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The fact that Logan can absorb 50 daily flights plus the fact that business travel is excepted to be permanatly down 20-25% means there is much less of a need for ORH to be a reliever for Logan.

I hope the Ft. L. flight doesn't get cancelled. My Dad lives close by so I was looking at using that service at least three times per year.

Why didn't JB bring back the Orlando flight?
Gary Samela said…
I'm not sure how you can say that there are good things happening at ORH. JetBlue is bringing back the JFK route that was getting horrible loads before the pandemic (when the economy was doing really well).

AA is bringing back the PHI route that was on the verge of being cancelled. Maybe the Delta flight to LaGuardia might work, but it's probably 50/50. I'm just so excited!!!
Anonymous said…
Some of the coordination between JetBlue and AA on routes and ticketing is probably having an effect on anything that either does in The entire Northeast. An ORH flight to FL is certainly in play in that bigger picture.

I use that FL flight at least twice a year and I’d hate to have tombegin using Logan again any mother than I have to.