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JetBlue Fort Lauderdale Flight Is Alive And Well

 Sorry we have been busy...     We are going to start posting again regularly with an emphasis on airport.    

First off, we were hearing rumors that JetBlue Fort Lauderdale flight might be in trouble.   After a few e-mails and calls, this has proven to be wrong.   Sales seem actually to be pretty good!!!

Bigger news is that the 2 flights to JFK starts October 21st:

  • 7:36 AM  ORH     8:30AM  JFK
  • 10:34AM  JFK      11:30AM  ORH
  • 1:35 PM  ORH      2:27PM    JFK
  • 10:30 PM   JFK      11:28 PM   ORH


These flights will do well!!!    Two flights per day opens JetBlue entire route map through ORH.