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Expect Big Returns From JetBluue


October 21st 2 round trips to their hub at JFK.      

  • 7:36 AM  ORH     8:30AM  JFK
  • 10:34AM  JFK      11:30AM  ORH
  • 1:35 PM  ORH      2:27PM    JFK
  • 10:30 PM   JFK      11:28 PM   ORH

 Pick any destination JetBlue flies and check out how easy it is to fly their from ORH through JFK now with two round trips



October 22nd Fort Lauderdale starts:

  •  6:00AM   ORH   9:09AM  FLL
  • 8:30PM   FLL      11:30PM ORH


Get to FLL early enough to connect to points South or have all day in FLL.

Return late to again conect back from point South or have all day in FLL 


Anonymous said…
This is a much better and sane schedule for travelers whether leisure or business.

The same goes for the new JFK flights.