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Delta Times to LaGuardia????

 Flights start November 1st:::

  • 2:50 PM LaGuardia        4:02PM Worcester
  • 5:30 PM  Worcester         6:27PM LaGuardia


We do not understand this schedule???

Not a schedule that will lead to many connections??


Anonymous said…
Whatever happened to “delta flight to LaGuardia has lots of potential” a week ago? Now you can’t make up your mind about it? This flight has potential for sure and can be successful for two reasons. Reason one is if someone wants to fly into worcester, the time is convenient for them for a mid day turn. Second, that 530pm flight departure is not as bad as it seems. Getting to LaGuardia at 627 still is convenient as you can still connect to flights and benefits people who have strict rules about taking days off at work who get out at 3/4pm. Here’s one thing you missed though, the times change. The times shift between around 430 and 530 even saw one flight from delta that leaves at 1. It should be a successful flight
Anonymous said…
This Delta LaGuardia flight compliments the two JetBlue flights very well. Basically, now ORH has three daily New York Flights at different times of the day. Morning, early afternoon and early evening.
Also, the flights provide a lot of options for connections throughout the day at ORH. It will be successful, but I just believe that the city of Worcester and Massport should be advertising ORH a lot more than they are. Another observation is that JetBlue should really consider bringing back the daily Orlando flight. It was very successful and I hear people asking about it all the time.
Bill Randell said…

LaGuardia has lots of potential for NYC fliers. Sorry I do not see the schedule being very good for connections? Time will tell
Bill Randell said…
JetBlue will bring Orlando back. It will be the next new service that they will announce.
Bill Randell said…
Delta, and American, need to add a 2nd earlier turn or I fear these routes will not succeed.

No different then when JetBlue only had one turn to JFK<