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American Times Make No Sense??

 American returns November 2nd


  • 4:52PM  Philadelphia    6:05PM  ORH
  • 6:31 PM  ORH            8:02 PM Philadelphia


So much for connecting with other flights after 8PM??       

American and Delta seemed to have returned to ORH, but with schedules that will have a very hard time of achieving any success.

On the other hand we can see JetBlue doing well and adding services going forward.


Anonymous said…
I will definitely be using those JetBlue flights to NYC and Ft Lauderdale. I even tried to use them when they had the bad schedules but often still used Logan but only because of the bad schedules. Not it is a no brainer to avoid the drive to Logan completely for those destinations.

I wish that JetBlue would add a flight to Las Vegas and one to Washington, DC. I think that those would do reallly well. Logan has several of each per day (pre-pandemic, they are just beginning to add them back now) and they were all full or nearly full when I flew them.
Gary Samela said…
Since half of the population in Worcester
doesn't have two nickels to rub together a Las Vegas flight from ORH would be a disaster. Also, are you suggesting that because the Las Vegas flights from Boston are full that would mean a Vegas flight out of ORH would work? Based on your posts you appear to be an intelligent man, but on this issue you appear to be as delusional as Bill. You guys are like a battered wife that keeps going back to her husband.
Anonymous said…
Well, I may indeed be delusional LOL. I just advocate for my own personal convenience, which is what most consumers want assuming the price difference isn’t huge (factoring in parking or car service etc) .

Flights to LAS from ORH don’t need penniless Worcesterites to fill the plane. People come from many, many miles to fly the BOS to LAS flights. There is a slot of money in the towns surrounding Worcester and then there is Metrowest. Look at home prices in Shrewsbury and the travel distance to BOS versus ORH. On the convenience angle, it has to be a direct flight. I agree that connecting thru JFK (which you can actually reliably do now with the two flights) would not work. It takes away the convenience advantage over BOS IMHO.

Coincidentally, I to LAS for a conference a few weeks ago and there were several people in my industry on my flight, many from central Mass and we discussed having ORH as an option.

A colleague who lives in Boston told me a few days after we all returned that she paid $150 for an Uber to the Seaport and waited 40 min. to get it. And that’s what, 7 miles away from BOS? Granted, that’s a pandemic induced issue but I don’t see it getting any better, especially if Mass laws turn ubers into taxi employees rather than what it is now. That car service door to door to ORH suddnly looks competitive to a Bostonian (who sometimes use PVD)

Common Sense said…
Sorry I was a little nasty, but after years of failure and disappointments I get so frustrated and emotional when I talk about the airport. People in Metro West/ Central Mass have been not willing to support ORH over the years. I don't see that changing. What is so bad about flying out of Logan? I hire the Knight"s van that picks me up at my home. They drop me off at the terminal. It costs $139 round-trip plus I give the driver a $10 tip. Other than quick processing at the TSA I just don't see how flying out of Logan is so inconvenient.
Anonymous said…
Understood, Gary. No problem. I’ve long been inured to getting insulted by anything I read on the web.

The way you do Logan is probably the best way, My issue is the huge amount of time that it takes. Knights (which is a great company BTW) picks up waaay too early. I end up getting a car from them when I use them and even then they push to leave earlier than I’d like because traffic can be so unpredictable. Same problem with driving myself and parking. This is time that I can never get back. Forget the expense, I can make more money but I can’t make more time. I fly enough times a year that this is an issue for me.

With ORH being 4 miles from my office and there being no lines for anything, I save multiple hours on both ends. I literally can push it to the last minute with no stress at all and walk right onto the plane (I don’t check bags for business flights).

One huge advantage Logan will always have though is that if some thing happens, there are multiple other flight options so your trip won’t get derailed.

I get that many people enjoy the whole experience of travel and the Knights ride, strolling the airport for 2 hours etc and when I’m with my family for a vacation, I do, too. It’s just that there are fart fewer of those flights than business ones.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I also have Pre Check and Clear. So you can see how anal I am about the time thing LOL
Gary Samela said…
Maybe the additional JFK flight and the Delta LaGuardia flight would give you some options to deal with a canceled flight out of ORH (if your traveling to NYC for a business trip) I'm headed to the Bahamas from Logan in two weeks. I still have to change planes through Charlotte to get there. Knights does come really early. Then you got to deal with inconsiderate people that take their time coming out of their house to the van.
Anonymous said…
Have a great trip, Gary!

And yes, sitting in someone’s driveway on the shuttle while they are still packing is a pain. You’d think they would know that it’s not a personal limo without other people using and depending on it.