Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Wonderful Season for WooSox



  1. 175 million stadium
  2. 32,000 annual lease payment
  3. naming rights
  4. advertising rights
  5. ticket sales on 350,000 plus
  6. merchandise


Better believe it was a wonderful year for WooSox.  What did they make $20,000,000??


Questions is was a wonderful year for the taxpayers???     How much did the taxpayers lose this year???    No way we made money with a $32,000 lease and little, if not no money from the DIF??





Anonymous said…
What did they make or what did they gross?
Anonymous said…
Coaching chaching chaching, you forgot the concessions. Ten bucks a beer and four bucks a dog makes for a lot of revenue.
Anonymous said…
They did not need to pay for marketing because they had the T&G and Masslive to handle that with their reporting.
Anonymous said…
The Providence Journal publishes Worcester Telegram articles (City spin) ?
Anonymous said…
How would this be for a headline " Wonderful real estate tax season for the taxpayers"
Anonymous said…
The article states Larry Lucchino was to meet with his partners. I assume he would be presenting financials on the the season. Between the increased attendance and price increases, both ticket and concessions, from what they charged down in Pawtucket and what they charge in Worcester I am venturing to guess they knocked it out of the park. I would love to see their financial statements from the their last season in Pawtucket and the financial statements from their first season in Worcester. Lucchino must look like the Warren Buffet of minor league baseball. Where the team recounts how the 10,000 postcards was one of the reasons they relocated to Worcester, with the amount of money I believe they made they should take a page from the postcard campaign and send thank you cards to every City taxpayer. Even with this expense I believe they still will be more profitable than they anticipated. I know this will not happen so on behalf of Larry Lucchino and the ownership group I would like to thank the taxpayers of the City for constructing the most costly minor league ballpark so that we could make basket loads of money.