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WBJ Journal: Madison Private Development Completion Dates


Ran across this column from June this year from WBJ


Madison has completed the basic underground work on the Left Field Building, which includes a planned 100-space parking garage, which will now allow the rest of the Polar Park stadium construction to proceed, said Denis Dowdle, the developer behind Madison Properties.

Dowdle is waiting to have a tenant lined up for the building, which could host offices or a life sciences company, before proceeding with construction of the upper floors.

Once the tenant is lined up, he said the construction should be complete in about 12 months.

“We are working on lining up a tenant. We swing the bat every day, but who knows when everything will fall into place,” Dowdle said. “We are anxious to try to get going as soon as possible.”

Completing construction

The other four buildings on Dowdle’s private development are a 125-room hotel; a 228-unit residential building; a second residential building tentatively planned for 125 units; and a $11-million lab building.

The tentative completion dates for those buildings remain the same as they were earlier this year, Dowdle said: Starting with September 2022 for the 228-unit residential building; December 2023 for the second residential building; May 2024 for the hotel; and December 2024 for the lab building.




Anonymous said…
When the project was proposed three years ago, what were the completion dates of these buildings ? We know the cost of the building is in excess of the original $100 million budget but we can't tell how far behind the original schedule these buildings are from the original schedule. What ever happened to the phrase "on time, on budget" ?
Gary Samela said…
I'm pretty sure there was a retail component when this was originally proposed. What happened to that? It would be nice if all the new people in the Canal District didn't have to drive to Lincoln Plaza or 146 to buy a decent shirt or pair of pants.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Gary- no one has to drive anywhere to buy decent clothes. You can buy custom tailored clothing from several websites that you just put your measurements into. Then there are many others that give you close to custom tailored and you go to your local tailored to fine tune (things like sleeves and trouser length)

However, you are right that there are people who like to shop in person, and there are many, should be able to do so right here in the city. They typically make a day of it and get a meal, a coffee, a beer etc.

My kids love the Natick experience and add a movie to all of that. I know how much money that sends to Natick all too well! I’d rather redistribute that capital in the Woo.