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September 25, 2020: WRA Meeting Regarding LDDA


Link to video of this meeting


Start at 1:06 watch about 10 minutes.   Remember this was from last September!!!

WRA voted to approve execution of the LDDA, which was expected to be completed within two weeks.  


It will be one year this September 25th.   

Still no completed LDDA on the Left Field Building site.  In other words we still do not have celar title to the land upon which Polar Park was built.




Anonymous said…
i am familiar with both Attn(s) Angelini and Tilton by reputation, my question is why did these two not vote on this item. Considering they are two of the most prominent lawyers in the City wouldn't you want their review and opinions on the LDA in addition to the three members who approved the item. What exactly do these three know about development or a legal documents? Could the reason the LDA is not executed be the document was flawed?
Anonymous said…
Another property, development, to watch is the proposed high rise on Green St. I drove by the area today and the buildings the City owned and are selling to the developer have been demolished but the Lucky Dog, the building the developers purchased is still standing. What is happening there?
Anonymous said…
Can we have a signing press conference!