Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Revenues This Year From Polar Park (2021)


 Page 120 of the lease

The WooSox pay an annual rent of $32,171.

What other income do we have from Polar Park/DIF???


  1. Parking revenue from library, Library and Union Station
  2. Any other revenue ??? 


Maybe a Councilor would ask for this???

$175,000,000 invested and we are getting back $32,171 this year??? 

But we are going to make 100,000,000 over the next 30 years




Gary Samela said…
You have to wonder if the City could have made a much better deal to land the Pawsox. I think the State of RI and Pawtucket weren't willing to kick in more than 50% total cost. It's fair to ask if the City could have landed them by picking up 75% of the costs. 75% of the costs would have reduced the City's contribution by almost $43 million. I"m horrified that the rent payments were so low. It makes me rethink my position on the benefit of the park. I know the City hired some consultants, but it was ultimately the decision of the city manager to sign the deal. The city manager was handpicked by Joe Petty. I don't think the city council even interviewed anyone else. Ed's previous job was to supervise three people at some made up job at Holy Cross. Not the best candidate to manage a $1 billion entity with 13,500 employees.
Gary Samela said…
Heading down to the Bahamas in Nov. Booked JB out of ORH for almost the same price as Boston. Also, there's only a 1 hour layover at JFK. Parking is also free until the end of the year. Hopefully, people heading to PR or other Carribean Islands will check out ORH first.