Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Last Home Game This Saturday

 4 game home stand ends this Saturday.   

First full season will be on the books and we have no private development from Phase 1 and our list of questions remain unanswered.

The PawSox made a boatload of money this year with an annual lease payment of $32,171.  If this was a baseball game 

  • Pawsox 10
  • Worcester taxpayers 0 
  • Mercy rule would need to be invoked after 1 inning


  1. Updated pro forma reflecting current costs of at least $159,500,000 and no development from Phase I
  2. An Auditor's report on the updated pro forma
  3. Final Costs of Polar Park.   It sure is more then $159,500,000.  We are guessing $175,000,000.
  4.  Completed LDA of  the Left Building Site.
  5. When will Madison actually break ground on any of their projects???
  6. Who is paying for Polar Park police details??   
  7. Where is  the new Polar park Commisson?
  8.  Are real estate taxes going to be paid on the $175 million ballpark which is being leased to a for profit organization.





Anonymous said…
Your box score is wrong. It should be WooSox $25,000,000.00
City 0.00
Anonymous said…
WooSox $179,000,000 Worcester 0

And look at how the WoooSox get a $10,000 profit over their entire yearly “rent” for the ballpark by hosting just one graduation, plus all of the concessions, that thenWooSox keep

What a great business!