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GoLocalPro Coverage Of Polar Park

 From March but still good read

The stark contrast between a viable urban experience and a behemoth stadium that comes alive only when its fans are here demonstrates a tragic misunderstanding of what makes a city livable and appealing. Polar Park may be good for minor league ball, but it is s stick in the eye for the city of Worcester.




Anonymous said…
The author missed the mark on this one. He should have highlighted the ballpark which Worcester surpassed as the most expensive minor league ballpark, the Las Vegas ballpark. It is a sleek look. They may say they tried to replicate the look of Higgins Armory but the first impression of the stadium is seriously lacking, although they did a great job inside, with the exception of the third base seats. One final comment, now that I have gotten use to the traffic pattern, I give the Commonwealth high marks to the peanut. The Commonwealth gets an A-, the ballpark gets a B because of the facade and the City gets an incomplete and must repeat the 3 years because they did not complete their work, the garage, Pickett Park or the proposed development.
Anonymous said…
Although I agree with you that the City needs to repeat their freshman year, I believe your grading is to liberal and give the City an "F". How did they construct a ball park that would bring in 7,000 to 10,000 attendees without having a parking plan. This is in addition to being 70% over budget on the construction of the ball park and the projects you mentioned being behind schedule. Only in government would this be tolerated.
Anonymous said…
Another piece of information when it comes to comparing Polar Park and the Las Vegas Ballpark, the #1 and the #2 most costly minor league ballparks built today.Baseball Digest had a poll where the Las Vegas Ballpark was the #1 AAA minor league ballpark. Polar Park came out in the middle of the pack. The only thing I can think of is the facade, the blue corrugated steel just isn't cutting the Coney Island mustard.