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City has billed Tenet $3.1 million for police detail since start of St. Vincent nurses' strike


 Has the City billed the PawSox for their details????









Gary Samela said…
So Basically, the striking nurses want more money and benefits for less work. Try that in Corporate America. Most nurses make anywhere from $25 to $65 per hour (at UMass and St. V's.). Many work overtime making a total of over $125,000 per year. Not bad for someone with a two year degree from Quinsig.
David Z. said…
You should really think before posting. Nurses may get their foot in the door through the QCC nurses program but in order to advance their career they need a BS in nursing. And a lot of these nurses at the local level went through the very rigorous nursing program at Worcester State University.
Gary Samela said…
I'm pretty sure that nurses with a two year degree make the same as the nurses with a four year degree. The difference is
if they want to work in a supervisory position like nurse manager they most likely need a four year degree. What do I know? I only worked a UMass Medical for 35 years.