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Another Great Comment

The City Council should request the City Auditor to update the review that he did back in 2018 to start. I assume you have seen the story in the T&G that the WooSox attendance has exceeded 300,000 with 7 games left. Weather permitting I would speculate attendance will exceed 350,000.


 This is a complete turn around from their attendance in Pawtucket where they were last in attendance. This level has to be credited to baseball fans in Worcester and the surrounding towns, the novelty of a new stadium and the ability to get out from under the COVID lockdown. In any event I am sure the WooSox owners are glad they listened to Larry Lucchino to move the team to Worcester because this must be their most profitable year ever. 


Conservatively, If an average ticket price is $20 and the average per person concession purchase is $20, revenues would be $14 million, excluding merchandise sales. Add to that corporate sponsorships which I would estimate to be worth $5-$6 million and naming rights and other advertising which I would estimate in the amount of $5 million this equates to gross revenues of $25 million for 60 games. 


The value of their ownership interest must have increased dramatically. We can only hope the City's return follows suit, but considering where the promised development stands, I find it highly unlikely.




Anonymous said…
I have gone to two games and spent more than your estimates.
Gary Samela said…
My costs for 1 game:

2 Tickets= $42
Parking= $5
Food= $21

Total= $68
Anonymous said…
My wife and I went to a game, $50 for tickets, $90 for 4 hot dogs and 6 beers and $20 for parking. It was a great night out but a little more expensive than I thought it would be. I think I got away cheaper than the family from Shrewsbury with 2 teenage boys. Those boys can eat.
Gary Samela said…
If you don't mind a walk park at the garage across from the Hanover. Parking is only $5. I think a lot of people are drinking and eating at the games. Unless three beers isn't enough what reason do people have to patronize the bars and restaurants in the Canal District?
Anonymous said…
Speaking for myself, eating at the ballpark is part of the experience. Besides that the game time almost forced me to eat at the ballpark. I got out of work, ran home changed and went to the ballpark. I didn't even give a thought to go to a bar or restaraunt in the Canal District. I can't be an exception but the norm, unless you are a retiree.