Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

WRA Meeting Friday

Link to agenda

 2)   Cooperation agreeement $403,305

3)  Cooperation agreeemnt  $820,000

5) Chaneg order #7    $229,546

Are these overruns for Polar Park??

What is the latest cost of Polar Park???


Anonymous said…
You just got to love the transparency with this project
Anonymous said…
It eould be helpful to find out how much less in meals taxes the city collects from canal district briskness since Polar Park opened and took their potential customers (5:30 pm game time!?!? Rush right from work to eat and drink inside the park after taking a street parking spot in front of a canal district restaura
My guess is that that info will be buried underneath city hall
Of course the cheerleaders and illusionists may may try to pass off a year over year increase comparing today’s numb when the restaurants were ordered closed. We need a comp to summer and spring of 2019 and then again after the ballpark game season is over.
Anonymous said…
Well item 3 is so that we can pay to demo a building for a new hotel and the developer of the hotel already demanded a 2.4 mil TIF. Since when is it the taxpayers job to pay for a demo and clean up for private development? Oh yeah. I forgot where I was 😂