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WPD Paid Details Exceed $250K???


At first we thought that sounded insane but when you take the number of police at the game times the number of games, the number may not be far off!!!!

Mind you the WPD has done a great job and we are not complaining about that.   Any other event like this the paid details are paid by the underlying event....   

Who  is paying for these details???


  • a) The WooSox
  • b) Taxpayers


Considering we still do not own the land that the park is built, we do not have a pro forma which would indicate who is paying for paid details and do not know the final price of Polar Park, we are betting the taxpayers are footing the bill.

 God we miss Konnie








Anonymous said…
A few years back the City made me do "improvements" to my business which I had not planned on doing which hurt my cash flow and I got behind on my pay detail bills, nothing close to this amount. The City stopped supplying pay details until I paid in full and since my license is conditioned on pay details I needed to borrow money to pay the bills in full. I hope the City treats the WooSox the same way they treated me.
Anonymous said…
Fat chance that the WooSox will have to follow the rules that the little guy has to follow.hey, your small biz has to pay commercial tax rates more than twice that of residential rates and the WooSox don’t have to pay any taxes. That should tell you that if you complain, the city will crush you. Oh wait, they a,ready started.

Maybe if you had a no show job for a few of them after they leave city “service” you’d get the sweet deals,, too
Anonymous said…
If this is true it is unacceptable since we just built the WooSox a $175 million cash register.