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Worcester Airport Is Going To Be Just FIne


Now Delta to LaGuardia.    

By the way Worcester Airport costs the taxpayers nothing!!!!,  unlike Polar Park.

 Now look at Avelo and the routes that they have announced out of New Haven.  We can see all these destinations from Worcester over the next two years.   


 Avelo selects New Haven for New England hub – PaxEx.Aero


Anonymous said…
I still would like to see an airline (particularly JetBlue again) go from Worcester to Orlando directly again. Kinda surprised they didn’t bring it back. Hopefully that’s the next flight we see because I’m not sure how it’s going to work with delta to LaGuardia and JetBlue to JFK. One of these flights might not be as successful as the other and more variety to different destinations would’ve been nice (Myrtle Beach, Tampa, San Juan, Miami, etc.)