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What Is The Final Cost of Polar Park Stadium???


Seriously should this not be something everything knows???  Read a column the other day about the PawSox and read this line:

 But after months of hearings, negotiations and some political blockades a new deal was put forth, but rejected in 2018 by the team. The Sox changed their mind after forging a deal in Worcester, Mass., for a $157 million stadium.


We know for sure from WBJ; however:

 Those decisions – where and when – would send both the city and the now renamed Worcester Red Sox down a fast-moving, complicated path, pushing costs up from the initial $100.8 million estimate to the newly updated $159.5 million today.


Keep in mind this was from February of this year.    We have seen several cost overruns during the WRA meetings since that time.   We feel that the final cost will come in around $175,000,000.       

Lets hope now that the stadium is finished, we will get the final numbers.


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Anonymous said…
Someone should calculate the "all in" cost of the stadium. What is meant by this is if there has been associated costs/work,for example the garage or land takings etc., that would not have been undertaken if it was not for the construction of the ballpark or the lease with the WooSox, these costs should be captured and disclosed. A while back I had read in the lease that the City was required to perform $15 million worth of infrastructure improvements, there was an actual list of work that needed to be done that I can't locate at the moment, and I do not know if that is part of the numbers the City is using or if it should be but the true cost to the City should be stated.