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We Still Do Not Have Clean Title To The Land That We Spent $175 Million To Build A Stadium



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Until we have a completed LDA for the LFB Madison is holding a "pocket" deed whereby they can deed the land that sites the stadium back to them......







Anonymous said…
It has been three years since this project started and one year since the City reported the LDA was done. What is the problem or should I ask how much more is this going to cost us? I just read the Mayor Mariano article post you had, if any of the 11 Councilors were doing their job they would be asking for an audit of a project that has gone 75% over budget and has caused massive disruption to the Canal District and on the financial plan which is suppose to pay for the construction but this will never happen because it will reveal they didn't do their job for the last three years.
Anonymous said…
You are correct, Commentor, except that every city council member but 4 or 5 believe that their only job is to vote to raise taxes (especially more than double on small business) and cheer for the ballpark, not to exercise any kind of oversight.