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Three Legacy Carriers Return to Worcester




  • The key is the 2nd flight to JFK
  • Although we did not get the direct Orlando back, we see that coming
  • Fort Lauderdale will do great

 Bottom line JetBlue will do great and add flights



  • Had low loads with last schedule to Philadelphia
  •  This daily flight will use an Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft that departs from PHL at 4:52 PM to arrive at ORH at 6:05 PM. The return flight departs at 6:31 PM from ORH and arrives at PHL at 8:02 PM.

Sorry do not get this flight.  It will struggle.



  • pretty much same schedule 
  • LaGuardia not Detroit
  • The flight will leave LaGuardia at 3:40PM and land at ORH at 4:0PM. The return return flight departs at 5:30PM from ORH and arrives at LaGuardia at 6:30PM

Again not sure of scheduling???


Great news we got three carriers back.

We only see JetBlue, however, positioned for success adding more flights going forward, starting with Orlando. 





Anonymous said…
Totally agree... The AA Flight schedule just doesn't make any sense.

If AA is going to add a flight to ORH, at least try to make it work. This 8pm arrival in Philadelphia does not provide any possible connections. Not sure what is the thinking there.

Delta to LaGuardia has more of a chance, although a late NY arrival, it provides more connection opportunities. But Delta needs to add a second flight to show they are trying.

JetBlue got the best of them all. Wish the Orlando non-stop flight was back, plus an Tampa addition. I guess we got to give it time.
Bill Randell said…
I was holding off on this post but it simply makes no sense. Arrive in Philadelphia at 8:15PM. Delta to Laguardia better but still late.
Anonymous said…
The delta flight might be competition. JetBlue and American work together now on certain flights and delta might be trying to steal people from them. They might’ve seen that pre pandemic how a mid day turn to NYC (which JetBlue didn’t offer at the time) would probably be really good but now since JetBlue has the midday turn, the delta flight seems bad. However, I think the numbers won’t be high, but definitely can be better than the flight they had originally. One small benefit of the delta flight is someone can work their day schedule and then when they’re done go on the flight like if they were going on vacation. While it might not be huge, for some people who have very limited number of off days or people who work for companies where it’s hard to get a day off, this flight can benefit them.

The American Airlines flight, the timing of that is bad, only thing I can think of is they’re focusing on a good time to get people to worcester instead of out. A 452 flight time isn’t bad to get to worcester for 605 because then it gives the opportunity for more connections from other places to Philly then you can hop on the flight to Worcester but the 631 flight doesn’t make sense out of here. A huge issue with that time is during the summer months, 630 is around the time when thunderstorms hit the area if a line is suppose to go through, or during winter months when snow squalls typically hit or when snowstorms start to get really bad. Could be a good flight but the timing of it is really bad.

Worcester airport needs that Orlando flight back, it would benefit the state, the people in central mass, and JetBlue. While we got a 2nd flight to JFK in exchange for that Orlando flight, I don’t think it was 100% worth it yet. Looking 3-6 months into service of that 2nd flight will be when we know if it was a good idea or not. While it’s predicted it’ll do good, we’ll just have to wait and see if it’ll actually do better than the 80%+ filled flights JetBlue had from Worcester to Orlando. JetBlue could really make worcester very successful if it adds more flights at the right times. If worcester could get more flights to Florida destinations like Tampa, Miami, or other places across the country like LAX or Myrtle Beach then there’s a chance JetBlue could really take advantage of worcester airport and let American do it too.
Gary Samela said…
Not quite sure what there is to be excited about. Some of these airlines/ flights were struggling before the pandemic (when the economy was humming along). Things are still uncertain with the pandemic so I don't see these flights doing any better. Massport put immense pressure to get these airlines to restart service. The airlines are basically setting these flights up to fail to give them an out. It's nice to have a second JFK flight, but it's another flight that's going to get 40-50% load numbers. I believe AA and Delta will be gone in 8-12 months. JetBlue will dump it's JFK flights. Then JetBlue will have to decide if they want to stay at ORH with one flight a day. I hope I'm wrong, but history is on my side.
Bill Randell said…
Florida always had 80 plus loads for 5 years with not the best times. Confident Fort Lauderdale will do well and once we have two JFK flights, they will do well. Soon thereafter Orlando and other Florida destinations will follow.

Have no confidence in either the Delta or American flight.
Anonymous said…
In my opinion, I still think Delta to LaGuardia will work. There are quite a few connections available with the Delta flight.
Prices are reasonable so far and it connects well with some parts of the country. Wish it was a earlier flight though.

Taking a closer look at the AA Philadelphia flight, it seems to cater well with passengers flying into ORH, instead of out of ORH.
There are a lot connecting options for flights to ORH. Problem is that, it will not do well with the 8pm arrival at PHL.
Gary Samela said…
I have family living in Delray Beach so
I will use the JetBlue flight to Ft. L.
Do you guys know why JB decided not to resume the Orlando flight? Many families lauded that route bc it was much more convenient than dragging their kids through the large terminals at the other airports in our area.
Bill Randell said…
I heard that JetBlue wanted to keep it at 3 flights. Something about at 4 flight they had to bring in their own employees to staff the desks..

At 3 flights they chose 2 flights to JFK over a direct to Orlando.. Think that actually makes sense...

If JetBlue does well, which we think they will, the first new flight from them will be Orlando.
Rusty said…
According to Delta’s website, the daily flight to LGA will be using a CRJ900 operated by Endeavor. You can already book seats, particularly ‘1st Class Seats’ though I use that term lightly. So I find it hard to believe they would downgrade to a CRJ200 or a CRJ700. Maybe flip flopping between a CRJ900 & a E175 is possible however. Either way MUCH MUCH better than the old Skywest CRJ200’s that flew the Detroit Route. The additional 26 seats is a big win. It may be a small market route but if they can consistently fill a CRJ900 back & forth to LGA it could do wonders for ORH’s passenger throughput. Higher throughput means more improvements. More improvements means more flights, more flights means more throughout….in theory. It’s a revolving door but it has to start somewhere. Offering flights with a larger aircraft with more seats right off the bat compared to pre-covid is definitely a step in the right direction however!
Anonymous said…
Legacy carrier is one that had established interstate routes PRIOR to the Airline Deregulation Actof 1978. JetBlue, although my favorite carrier, is NOT a legacy carrier. FYI