Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Rusty Comment

According to Delta’s website, the daily flight to LGA will be using a CRJ900 operated by Endeavor. You can already book seats, particularly ‘1st Class Seats’ though I use that term lightly. 

So I find it hard to believe they would downgrade to a CRJ200 or a CRJ700. Maybe flip flopping between a CRJ900 & a E175 is possible however. Either way MUCH MUCH better than the old Skywest CRJ200’s that flew the Detroit Route. 

The additional 26 seats is a big win. It may be a small market route but if they can consistently fill a CRJ900 back & forth to LGA it could do wonders for ORH’s passenger throughput. Higher throughput means more improvements. 

More improvements means more flights, more flights means more throughout….in theory. It’s a revolving door but it has to start somewhere. Offering flights with a larger aircraft with more seats right off the bat compared to pre-covid is definitely a step in the right direction however!