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Mariano Opinion Piece: Wanted - One or two new voices on the Worcester City Council

 Can one say instant classic!!!!!

My favorite section

Job description

If I were to develop a job description for the current council, it would go something like this.

Position:  Worcester city councilor.

Compensation: Generous salary ($33,204 annually), plus full city benefits package.

Requirements:  Must be able to nod approvingly every time the city manager clears his throat. Must be able to send “thoughts and prayers” on a moment’s notice. Also, must have a working knowledge of social media in order to repost public messages readily available on the city’s web site.

Ability to speak at length and say absolutely nothing is helpful.

Duties: Required to attend weekly meetings, except for three months during the summer and another month around Christmas. Must pose for pictures which you are then required to post on social media showing how active you are in the community.

Hey, look, this job is clearly not for everyone. But our city charter says we need 11 people filling those big fat leather chairs at City Hall.


 Raymond V. Mariano


Anonymous said…
We pay $330,000 in City Council salaries. Does this make them the most expensive bobble heads to go along with the most expensive minor league stadium ?
Anonymous said…
You forgot the free health insurance for their whole families for life. Why else would you spend 50,000 running for election to a $33,000 a year job?
Anonymous said…
i just read an article in the T&G about school busing and for the first time in history the School Committee has demonstrated more of a backbone than the City Council. This could be a valid policy issue or pure politics, remember this is an election year, but at least they are doing something. Lets hope their vote is for the right reason and this action catches on with the City Council!