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Great Comment

 Someone should calculate the "all in" cost of the stadium. What is meant by this is if there has been associated costs/work,for example the garage or land takings etc., that would not have been undertaken if it was not for the construction of the ballpark or the lease with the WooSox, these costs should be captured and disclosed. 


A while back I had read in the lease that the City was required to perform $15 million worth of infrastructure improvements, there was an actual list of work that needed to be done that I can't locate at the moment, and I do not know if that is part of the numbers the City is using or if it should be but the true cost to the City should be stated.





Anonymous said…
First let me say that you are somewhat on the mark with airlines coming back to Worcester Airport , although you may be off with which carriers operate there.
With regards to the ballpark you are persistent, but you are either an unfettered optimist or delusional to think that the City will provide any of the information on you lists. If they do it would show that their estimates are ill conceived and the project is underwater and they will never show that and hope that you will get tired and just go away. I am in the real estate market and this is like the housing bubble, where people projected the market would continue to grow annually at 5% and when it didn't the bubble burst and it brought down many banks.
Let me say one thing, "Worcester, to big to fail".
Anonymous said…
If the financials on this project works you would have seen it by now. The question is now who much in the red is it.
Anonymous said…
True comment. If the numbers were in the black and not in the deep red, we would be hearing about it nonstop, spray after day after day.

The fact that we only see photo ops and no financial dara, ever, is quite telling to the taxpayers who will be getting an unwelcome surprise. It’s going to happen AFTER the election, of course.