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Final Cost of Polar Park is????????


During today's WRA it was mentioned that these were the last of items that would need to be voted on regarding Polar Park and that work would be finishing up shortly.    In other words, we will be able to get the final number soon.

Remember last we knew the cost was $159,500,000.    

Our guess is that they final cost will be $175,000,000.

We should find out shortly.








Anonymous said…
Ill take the over. Easy money
Anonymous said…
At some point in time you asked for the City Auditor to review the financial plan that is suppose to pay for the ballpark. The request should be expanded to include the all in calculation of the project, to include the infrastructure work which is listed in the lease. I seem to recall that the lease included at minimum $15 million in infrastructure work which included the Pickett parking lot as well as a listing of street work. An all inclusive project cost, including these costs arising from the lease should be calculated. If we are going to have the most expensive minor league ballpark let's get it to a cost (level) that no other community will be stupid enough to try to break.