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September 25, 2020 WRA Meeting

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 Voted, that the Worcester Redevelopment Authority hereby authorizes its chairman to execute a Land Disposition and Development Agreement between the Worcester Redevelopment Authority and Madison WG Holdings, LLC relative to the Downtown Urban Revitalization Project;\

10 months later still no LDA


Anonymous said…
Is there a problem?
Is this why Madison has not started building anything?
Anonymous said…
This does not make any sense. Why would you authorize something them not do it?
Anonymous said…
You gotta love the folks at City Hall. I bet if their paycheck counted on this it would signed.
Anonymous said…
Take some time and read the minutes. This is the last item on the agenda. The explanation is aweful but the crux of it is this item looks like a real estate Ponzi scheme whereby the WRA does not have clear title to the property. This looks very funny to me and someone needs to take a closer look at this. What is interesting is one person looked like he started asking some good questions and then stopped and just voted yes.