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Field Of Schemes On Minor League Teams Getting PPP Monies

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Larry Lucchino’s Worcester Red Sox, which just got around $150 million in public money for a new butt-ugly stadium so the former Boston Red Sox exec could move the team there from Pawtucket, collected $1.8 million in PPP funds.





Anonymous said…
I had to read a lot of information to get to portion about the WooSox.The post was back to mid July and also included the fact that minor league baseball is looking for a $555 million bailout on top of the PPP loan. I am glad I did because after reading about Oakland I realize every community gets squeezed, it is just a matter of how much.
With regards to the PPP loan, if the WooSox spent all the $1.8 million money on payroll and benefits it would equate to salaries and benefits of about $6.0 million a year. Remember the Boston Red Sox pay for players salaries so this is just the administration. If you go and look at the WooSox front office on the Minor League Baseball website you will see they have many employees with some great titles, which I assume come with great salaries.
On a side note, I hope the WooSox read this blog so they can correct this page and list Worcester's own Lee Boykin, their Director of Security.
Anonymous said…
The rich keep getting richer.
Anonymous said…
The stadium is butt ugly and will get butt uglier if buildings proposed around it are built and have well designed facades.
Anonymous said…
And TIFS all around.

Why the Mt Carmel property needs a TIF boggles the mind. It is possibly the most valuable piece of land in the city. It has 2 of its own highway exits, it is walking distance to trains and buses, a ballpark, bars and restaurants and a market. It is outrageous if the council approves millions of tax giveaways for what will be a giantly profitable market rate development.

But hey, we have minor league baseball. We also seem to have minor league municipal tax policy.

Don’t worry, all of the commercial property around the TIF that pay the full absurdly high commercial tax rate will just have their taxes raised. And then move to Shrewsbury or Auburn.
Anonymous said…
Damn slot machines looser than Tommy John’s arm before surgery. And it will be a trickle down to Fletcher, kokkinis, russo, et all