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Polar Park Section On City Of Worcester Site Missing Info??????



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 There use to be a section at the bottom that had various pdf files:


  1. Original Pro Forma
  2. Page Called Facts and Figures
  3. And a couple other links that we forget


We can not find them now?
Maybe this is our first "black helicopter conspiracy theory"?


Can anyone else find these now on the City website???

They have been there since Day 1 and now they are gone......... 


Anonymous said…
Out of sight out of mind
Comon Sense said…
If the City has to take money out of the budget to cover intest on the bonds it wouldn't bother me.
I think that other revenue will be gained from property taxes from the new Mt.Carmel development and the new hotel near Union Station will help increase tax revenue. There are also 3-4 projects under construction or planned near Polar Park that will help out. Then you got increased revenue from the Federal Plaza Garage, Union Station Garage,library lot and Mercanttile Garage will bring in more money. There is also a lot of fat in the City's budget that could be trimmed. What do you think?
Anonymous said…
A personal opinion about the function of local government, and taking a page from the Commonwealths position generally. Government should provide infrastructure support, streets/sidewalks, water/sewer garages etc to foster economic growth. This type of government investment is shared not only by the development but also indirectly by it's residents. This was exactly the support the Commonwealth gave to Gillette, Fenway and now Polar Park.
Anonymous said…
On the above comment, the 3-4 projects near polar park were in the original plans when the park was at 110 mil and the tax revenue from those were supposed to help pay notes due on they debt that would never get to the property taxes or other city funds starting this year. Well those projects are now pushed out to 2024 and the 2 hotels have major changes. One is now apartments not a hotel and the one hotel is now much smaller , meaning less tax revenue. Plus the park is at well over the 110 original cost. They continue to try to spend out of the issue they developed. They even sent a spin doctor onto the face book to say spending was due to the rising cost of lumber and steel, which most people bought. 1) there is not much wood involved. 2) steel costs have risen dramatically. As of late december 2020 / jan 2021. 90-95 percent of the steel was bought and in place before this so nope thats a lie. And there continues to be a huge lack of transparency as to the finances and repercussions. Now they are trying to make up in other areas. Water/sewer getting increased this month, trash going up ect ect.
Anonymous said…
Common Sense:

The Mt Carmel project will not be paying taxes. The developer admitted at the planning board hearing that the project is contingent on the city granting a giant TIF. There were repeated allegations that abutters did not receive the required public notice of the hearing. Let’s see if the city council and Econ Dev canteen hearings are publicly noticed when the tif request rolls in.

The tower at the old Table Talk site also will not be paying taxes. It is for extremely low income residents and will not pay taxes and will also be financed by state and federal tax credits. It is a net tax loss, as Table Talk used to pay real estate taxes at the astronomically high commercial tax rate.

At least Mt Carmel was never on the tax rolls and the tax loss will be due only to the city delivery of services to the residents of all 371 units. Will we need a new school? Nobody asked at the planning bd hearing.Let’s hope that the city council considers this.