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MiLB facility issues continue

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Here is key line

The new facility rules did not initially cause a ton of concern among ownership ranks, but when the final specs were released and the fine print was examined, it was clear that few MiLB ballparks met the new specs–including many ballparks opening in the past few years–and as a result teams were forced into figuring out how to address millions needed for upgrades.


Anonymous said…
With such a short time frame to design and build Polar Park could the City have missed the fine print?
Anonymous said…
Another quote from the article "The teams who play in city owned parks don't need to worry about these costs".
The taxpayers do!
David Z. said…
Is this a blog about airports or baseball stadiums? 😅
Common Sense said…
Maybe you missed it, but it says on the first page of the blog that it's about the airport and "other issues." Also, there is really nothing going on at ORH right now other than JetBlue is going to resume with JFK and Ft. Lauderdale. Not sure if Osrlando will resume. They're hoping that a second JFK flight will increase load factors.
David Z. said…
Apparently you didn’t get my sarcasm.