Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

MassPort Financials



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Fiscal 2020 profits were 23,762,000

Fiscal 2019 profits were 21,643,000



Massport retaining owenership of ORH Investing monies into is smart move and will pay in the long term for Massport.


At the same time it is costing the taxpayers of Worcester nothing.











Common Sense said…
What are you talking about? You're starting to scare me. Massport invested $100 million plus into an airport that currently has no flights. What exactly is the payoff? Every major airline except Southwest has cancelled service out of ORH due to lack up ridership. Former executives of Southwest have stated several times that they would not be interested in ORH without an access road. So, What exactly is the payoff for Massport? If Breeze comes in with one or two flights a day in three years is that going to be a big payoff for Massport? If Massport dumps WRA to a developer for $250-$350 million the land could be used as pad ready sites for Biotech/ manufacturing uses. That would create maybe 5,000 jobs. That would be a big payoff for the City. I think you have something like Battered Wife Syndrome. You keep taking the punches yet go back to the same man. I think you should stick to pushing black helicopter conspiracy about Polar Park because you have no credibility when it comes to ORH. Pretty much every prediction you've made over the years has been wrong.
Anonymous said…
If the city sold the airport it would be to an insider and that insider would be given another giant TIF, generating traffic bit zero taxes for the city.

Look at the Mt Carmel sweetheart deal.
Bill Randell said…

You do realize that they city has already sold the airport, right???